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Saturday, 30 March 2019 20:48

Here's a selection of videos from our Start the Change! project so far, including our sessions with teachers and educators, plus last year's seminar with our European partners.

Our 'Create The Change' event took place in May 2019 and focused on creative activism and the young Change Maker groups we're supporting. Taking a creative approach to activism, the day incorporated Lego Play, Virtual Reality, music and storytelling. With a group of youth workers, tutors, artists, creative activists and young people.

In January 2019 we joined forces with our friends at Montgomery Development Education Centre in Aberdeen to run two sessions for teachers and practitioners, looking at migration and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With guests including Dr Gari Donn (from UN House Scotland) and educational activist, Colm Regan (co-author and editor of 80:20 - Development in an Unequal World) we explored how to bring real-world issues to life in a meaningful, relevant way.

As part of our Aberdeen sessions for teachers & educators, biology teacher Katie Hanson explained how she's addressed current issues around migration within her science classroom.

In October 2018 we held a seminar in Inverness with our partners from across Europe. On the final day, before we packed up and headed to Loch Ness for the evening, we asked them all to sum-up the seminar in one word...

Throughout the October seminar we spoke with our partners to find out what they hoped to get from the project.

Meet our European partners - 1: Betsy (Asociación Madre Coraje - Spain), Davide (CISV - Italy) & Ivana (Youth Association Breza - Croatia)

Meet our European partners - 2: Janina (Umwelt und Entwicklung, KATE - Germany), Martin (Amnesty International Slovakia) & Anita (Südwind Salzburg - Switzerland)

Meet our European partners - 3: Mateusz (Cz-Art - Poland), Kasia (Amnesty International Poland) & Claudio (Amnesty International - Italy)

Meet our European partners - 4: Catriona (HOW), Samo (Amnesty International Slovenia) & Silvia (AMICI dei Popoli Ong - Italy)

Visit the main Start the Change project page here.

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