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Meet the Team: Global Youth Officer, Lindsay Dunbar

Friday, 26 April 2019 13:48

At Highland One World, our Start the Change! team is made up of some incredibly passionate, committed and talented individuals. We wanted to find out a bit more about them, why they're involved and what's inspired them.

MTT Lindsay 4

- What's your role in the Start the Change! project?

Global Youth Officer.

- What's the purpose of your role?

To coordinate Creative Youth Activist groups in the North of Scotland.

- Why do you think the project is needed right now and how can it have an impact?

Start the Change! is giving a voice to young people who might otherwise not be heard. Not only that, but it's allowing them to be creative, engaging and to start a positive change within their communities.

- How does Start the Change! compliment or add to what teachers/educators/activists/others you're working with are already doing?

For me, it's about supporting them and expanding their learning outwith the classroom. I really want to encourage our change-maker groups to think innovatively about how they are going to engage people and start change in every day habits. We need to empower our young people to see that they have a loud, global voice. Why can't the North of Scotland become a hot bed of creative activists?

Cara Astrid Lindsay

- What Started the Change in your own life and lead you to work in this area?

I was inspired by a production called 'Now is the Time to Say Nothing' at MayFest in Bristol. I was deeply moved by the power of theatre and storytelling to share the experience of immigration. I realised I wanted to be involved in something creative and meaningful. This job is a complete gift.

- What book/resource/talk etc. would you recommend others check out to inspire them to keep going when things get tricky or they come up against obstacles?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a great book for anyone thinking about their life and their purpose. I think the quote; "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" is true. You might already know it or it may take you years to figure it out - but once you know want your heart really wants, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.


You can find out more about our involvement in the Start the Change! project on the Teacher's and Educator's Platform.

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