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Remote Learning Units for Secondary

Thursday, 07 January 2021 10:51

During the first nation-wide lockdown, teachers and educators involved in the Start the Change project shared units of work designed for remote learning. These units are for English, Science/Biology/Chemistry, and Geography, and help learners explore issues relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and migration. All units are designed to be as engaging as possible for remote learning, with links to relevant videos and other interactive content.  

All teachers are welcome to copy, use and adapt any of these units. We'd love to know if you do. And if you'd like to share a suitable unit with other teachers, please do get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


English Units Folder 

Including for BGE a unit called 'My Hero's Journey: A story of migration'. This uses animated gifs, embedded audio files and interactive elements to explore Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' as a structure for creating a story, as well as exploring journeys made by refugees and migrants.

Other units include exploring discrimination and prejudice through Disney's Beauty and the Beast film (Level 2/3 BGE) and a Nat 5 / Higher Discursive Writing unit on 'How realistic or achievable are the UN Sustainable Development Goals'. Many of the units in the English folder have been generously shared by Anna Munro, English teacher at Dingwall Academy.


Science Units Folder 

BGE Science units include climate change induced natural disasters, 'beat the flood' and Body Defence, including exploring Covid-19 from a global citizenship perspective.

There is a Higher Biology unit on Food Security. Many thanks to Katie Hanson, Biology/Science teacher at Culloden Academy for generously sharing many of these units.

For Chemistry, there is a series of units for Chemistry in Society (Nat4/5) looking at metals, plastics and fertilisers.


Geography Units folder 

This folder includes a lesson on 'Factfulness in Geography' and an S3 Fast Fashion unit designed for remote learning.


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