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Write the Change competition

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 12:09

Write the Change! is an exciting European-wide competition for young people aged 14-19, harnessing the power of stories to bring about positive change.


Throughout history, people have moved from one place to another to seek a better life.  However, across Europe, the dominant narratives around ‘migration’ and ‘migrants’ remain largely negative.  Write the Change! is part of a larger project, Start the Change!, which aims to engage young people across the continent in exploring issues around migration and sustainable development, and taking positive action in their local communities.   Write the Change! is a competition for young people to develop storylines which explore the push-pull factors of migration and the impacts of migration locally and globally. Through these new perspectives on migration, young people can help to challenge these negative narratives and contribute to positive change. 


Judges are looking for innovative storylines from young people’s perspectives that are related to the themes of migration and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These storylines should show a high degree of creativity and have the potential for real impact by changing values and attitudes.


Storylines can be in text form or as a pictorial storyboard (see below or the Competition Guidelines for full details), and can be fiction (comedy, drama, horror etc) or non-fiction (documentary, biography etc). Storylines can be submitted by an individual or a group of young people in Scotland, who must all be aged 14 before the end of this current academic year and no older than 19. All entries must be received via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the NEWLY EXTENDED DEADLINE of 15 April 2019.


An experienced Scottish jury will select the 3 best storylines to put forward to the international jury. The overall winning storyline from Scotland will receive a hamper of surprise goodies for their school or group. The top three storylines from across Europe will receive a cash prize of up to 1,500 euros for their school or youth group, and the opportunity to attend the worlds’ largest youth film festival in Giffoni, Italy.



The entries must include:

A completed entry form

A short ‘pitch’– maximum length 10 lines. This pitch is a summary which captures the spirit of the project, the main gist of the story, the concept of the film and the genre of the work;

The complete storyline – should be between 1 and 15 pages.  The storyline can be for a film or can be intended for another media format such as a TV series, online video, social media campaign etc. This can be submitted in either text form or as a pictorial storyboard. Multimedia entries are not eligible.


Text or ‘Treatment’ Storyline

This is a description of the film project that a producer might use to interest a director or screenwriter in making their film. Treatments read like a short story but are told in the present tense and describe events as they happen. (For more information on film treatments see here or here).


Screenplay Storyline

Entries can be in the form of a screen play of the film. Enough detail should be provided to give a real picture in the reader’s eye of the setting and characters of the film as well as the dialogue between the characters.


Pictorial Storyboard

If preferred, the storyline can be presented in pictorial form, as in a storyboard. This can be hand drawn or photographic (many downloadable storyboarding templates are available), or using storyboarding software (eg For an example of a very simple storyboard see this one.


Possible Starter Activities

For ideas of some simple starter activities to explore issues around migration and the Sustainable Development Goals with young people see here.


For a poster to advertise the competition see here


For the full competition guidelines see here


For the application form see here


This activity is also eligible for Young Scot reward points which you can claim here


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