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Start the Change for Teachers

Are you passionate about educating for a better world? We are looking for enthusiastic secondary teachers of all subjects to be part of our exciting new EU global learning project on issues around migration and inequality - Start the Change.

Why Start the Change now?

Young people are growing up in a world that is changing almost as fast as they are. Our interconnected and interdependent world brings huge opportunities, but it also brings challenges such as conflict, inequality and environmental degradation.   Pupils are entitled to an education which develops the necessary skills, values and attitudes to engage effectively with the opportunities and challenges our globalised world brings and to have a voice in shaping a fairer more sustainable future.

Aims of the project

Working with schools across 11 European countries, Start the Change aims to empower teachers and pupils to explore, debate and take action on local and global issues. Focussing on the links between the UN Sustainable Development Goals, inequality and migration, the project aims to develop a model of active global citizenship for young people.

The project involves teacher training and mentoring, support for working with young people, resource development and teacher and pupil networking across Europe.

CPD sessions will take place in Inverness on two Saturdays, 24 November and 8 December 2018, and also in Aberdeen on two Saturdays, 12 and 26 January 2019.

Learning Outcomes for Start the Change CPD

By the end of the 2 day training you will have:

  • Explored what is meant by Global Citizenship Education
  • Learned about the Start the Change Project and the project outcomes
  • Explored the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the links between migration and inequality
  • Considered the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes young people need in order to be active global citizens
  • Explored your own values, assumptions and cultural bias
  • Considered and taken part in a number of participative approaches to delivering global citizenship activities
  • Developed an understanding of the process of service learning as a methodology for engaging young people in educational projects which serve the community
  • Explored the power of story-telling and ICT as tools for awareness raising and social change
  • Looked at how you might develop and deliver project activities in your own setting eg school, college, youth club

Teachers who attend this CPD will be supported to develop a subject-specific unit of work around any aspect of human migration and its links to inequality and the SDGs. This should ideally be for at least 4 hours of contact teaching time and for learners in S3 and above (though there is some flexibility in this). Global learning units developed as part of the project will be shared on the project web platform with teachers from across Europe. Individualised support and resources to develop these units is provided as part of the project.

We can also support you to set up groups of young people at your school who are interested in these issues and want to take positive action outside of core teaching time, from making your school more welcoming and inclusive for new arrivals and EAL pupils, to engaging in some of the wider global issues that cause human migration, like climate change.

Get involved

If you are interested in being part of Start the Change, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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